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Our companies support the daily technology operations of businesses worldwide in all areas of IT.


We've grown with our partners together and expanded the range and global reach of our services which are now available globally with local offices in six countries on three continents.

IT Operations


IT operations outcourcing is our group's first branch which has been providing extensive IT solutions for businesses since 2005.Our main service areas are user support, server operation, networking, computer settings, software and hardware problem management.We deliver fast and efficient solutions to everyday IT issues and support our customers remotely and onsite in 3 continents, 6 countries, and in 5 languages.



Our ERP business branch has developed a customizable and cost-effective administration system for small, medium and large companies called Infinity.Our team takes part in the preparation of ERP system implementation with conselling, project planning and provides custom development with constant support.With Infinity, we have created a useful and creative application which is easy to use and can quickly become an essential ERP tool for any businesses.


ERT Group's first company started its operation in 2004 in Hungary after the merger of two IT firms. Our initial goal was to provide full support in all areas of IT operations, which we have been working tirelessly ever since.

Due to the rapid growth and increasing demand of our partners, we launched our ERP business in 2008, where we developed our own administration system for the Hungarian market and created enterprise software worldwide.

Thanks to our high-quality and reliable service, we have successfully worked together with many companies so we decided to enter the international market with our IT operations branch and started working in Croatia in 2011, in Ireland in 2012, and in Germany in 2018.

Our next important milestone came in 2022 as not only our developments and services extend beyond the borders of Europe but we are also represented with our new offices in Dubai and the United States.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers, with happy and balanced employees.

We are proudly an employee-owned company and attach great importance to the balance and professional development of our colleagues. Thanks to our attitude several of our colleagues have been working with us since our start and share our vision. We openly admit that the quality and reliability of our services is the result of our team's spirit and constant quality of work.

We are transparent.

We work openly and transparently, and always keep our clients' interests and goals in mind. We are always looking for the most effective solution, we support our partners with a flexible attitude and expertise.

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We areglobal.

We help international companies around the world and provide global coverage with local offices and representatives.
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Our new offices in the United States and Dubai

Our new offices in the United States and Dubai

The next step of our international expansion takes us beyond the borders of Europe, with local representatives we are present in Dubai and the United States.

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